Alva Memorial Gardens


Bloody Harlan

The Last Chapter

By:  Sylvia F. Warfield

Submitted by Bud & Selma Hodges

September, 1989

The voices and laughter are hushed; in crumbled ruins every wall –

There are no pupils, no teachers – no cheers for those Eagles so tall.

A fire ended all her glory and brought sadness to everyone.

To those who attended her classes and those who her games had won.

To some who had sent their children and admonished them to learn.

To many who realized her greatness and for “good old days” did yearn.

The final curtain came down on the building we all loved;

But in our hearts she will always be just a cut above –

A cut above all others and in her we take great pride.

But Black Star was not just a building; other factors override.

It was students, teachers, parents, and subjects we did need.

It was scientists, athletes, and people of ambition seeking to succeed.

If we were to give her a score ranging from one to ten,

There might be several opinions according to what she’s been –

What she’s meant to various graduates – how they were prepared for life;

How pertinent were those lessons which at the time seemed trite.

However you choose to evaluate is not for me to say.

Just look within yourself and grade her as you may.

For me her score is high and the evidence is in.

The proof is in the achievements – how far-reaching she has been.

It shows in all the faces of those assembled here.

That’s positive proof just what she gave and that she’s very dear.

Yes, the building is no more but her influence is still strong.

A number of lives she’s touched as if by a magic wand.

So give a brisk salute and hail to Black Star High

Just thank your Heavenly Father and do not question why.

A privileged people “we” – yes, we’re a special breed.

For Black Star gave each one a gift and met our special need.