Alva Memorial Gardens


Bloody Harlan

Daisy Warfield Tipton & Sharon Tipton Steele - Black Star Photos

Tucker Smith - Left
Dennis Kersey - Right
Tucker & Dennis were from Black Star. Person in middle is unknown

Tom Thumb Wedding @ Black Star
1st Person is Billie Mabe
4th Person (Groom) is Paul Roaden
Others are unknown

Black Star Coal Camp in the 1950's
Left to right:
Gary Johnson, Danny Tipton, ? Miracle,
Paul Stewart, Jerry Huff

Photo of Black Star School, Alva, Ky.
Taken from Alva Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Sharon Tipton visiting Black Star High School in 1962 after her family had moved to Corbin. Front row: Left to Right: Phyllis Willis, Lois June Roark, Sue Hensley.  Back row Left to Right:
Donna Tipton, Judy Brown, Daisy Lawson

black star eagles.jpg
The Black Star Eagles. 52nd District Tournament champs. Left to right, first row, co-captian Helton, J. Carroll, Johnson, Tipton, Chambers, Phipps. Second row, Manager Higgins, Coach Goforth, Hart, Co-Captian Stewart, Inman, Assistant Coach Wyant, and Manager Shelley. Note: Paul Tipton is #7. (Coach Goforth was killed in Vietnam War)
Hommecoming, Black Star High School Football Field
Year Unknown

Left: Danny Tipton
Right: Harry Paul Tipton

Late 1940's
Betty Gail Johnson's Birthday Party at her parents Hubert & Mildred Johnson's house. Betty Gail Johnson is in middle of photo holding the cake.
Harry Paul Tipton is the first person on the front row.

Danny Tipton's Black Star Elementary School Class - 1950's
Danny Tipton is 3rd person, 2 middle row.
  Left to Right Row 1: Gary Johnson, Charles Sutton, Jr., George Snodgrass, John Ed Lidster, John Julian, Jimmy Roark, Cecil Taylor, Brett Miracle, Jimmy Green.
Row 2: Charles Rice, Doug Tipton?, Danny Tipton, Skipper Thompson, Edna Reynolds, Pauline Howard, Peggy Whittle, Pearlie Ann Hunley, Gwen Stewart.
Row 3: Roberta Howard, Doris Howard, Daniels?, Kay Mullins, Unknown, Patricia Marcum, Unknown, Judy Stewart, Faye Hubbard, Mossie Roark, (Last name) Perry
Left to Right:
Dennis Matheny, Judy Brown, Kenny Terrell, Daisy Lawson

Sharon Tipton, visiting her 8th grade classmates in 1962 after her family had moved to Corbin.

Black Star Eagle
Alva, Ky.
March 1941
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Black Star Eagle
Alva, Ky.
March 1941
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Black Star Eagle
Alva, Ky.
March 1941
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Black Star Eagle
Alva, Ky.
March 1941
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