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Bloody Harlan

Flem R. Shoupe
The Black Star Coal Camp web site would like to thank the Flem R. Shoupe family for providing us with Flem Shoupe's Photo Journal of him growing up at Black Star, where he excelled in playing Basketball and Football at Black Star High School.  Flem graduated from Black Star High School in the Class of 1940.  After High School, Flem went on to play Basketball and Football at Union College, where he graduated in 1947.  In 1997, Flem was inducted into the Union College Athletic Hall of Fame.  Flem was also a United States Navy Veteran of World War II.  We would like to thank Judy & JoAnn Cornelius for getting these photos to Harold Rice so we could put them on the Black Star Coal Camp web site.

Flem Shoupe
Pauline (Stepp) Shoupe
Flem Shoupe and Pauline Stepp Shoupe
Flem & Pauline Shoupe
Flem Shoupe & Unknown
Reba Ward
Flem Shoupe & reba Ward @ Chunklick Spur Fire Tower
Flem, Butch, Kathy, & Kevin Shoupe
Pauline Shoupe, Pauline Hubbard, Unknown, Unknown
Unknown at Chunklick Spur Fire Tower
Phebe Mays & Unknown at Chunklick Spur Fire Tower
Flem Shoupe and Sanford Stewart
Left to Right
Andy Mays, Flem Shoupe, Sanford (Saint) Stewart

Stella, Clyde, Kenneth, and Juanitta Hackler
Unknown no.35 and Flem Shoupe
Flem Shoupe and Phebe Mays
Everett Shoupe
Dooley Mays, unknown, Phebe Mays
Flem Shoupe, Phebe Mays, Unknown
Flem, Pauline, Butch and Kathy Shoupe
Flem & Pauline (Stepp) Shoupe