Alva Memorial Gardens


Bloody Harlan

Reunion of Childhood Playmates - Black Star - July 2006

In July 2006, childhood playmates, Nancy Hooker Powell, Markley Hooker Byrd, Pam Burnette Caskey, and Mayme Jo Williams Denny gathered for several days at Pine Mountain State Park.  While there they visited with their Black Star classmates, and they went back and visited Alva, Ky., Black Star Coal Camp where they grew up and attended Black Star High School together.  The group took lot's of photos and Nancy wanted them put on the Black Star website for everyone to enjoy.


Nancy Hooker, Lynn Ellen Julian, Mayme Jo Williams
Markley Hooker, Donna Sue Tipton, Pamela Sue Burnette
Mayme Jo Williams, Melvin Clay Burnette, Sylvia Mae Burnette, Nancy Hooker, Markley Hooker
Donna Sue Taylor, Pamela Sue Burnette
Pam Burnette, Markley Hooker, Johnny Julian
Johnny & Tricia Templeton

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