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Judy Lidster Kehyari - Black Star Photos

My family and I lived in Black Star in Little Field until 1957. My Dad was Bud Lidster (also known as Darkie), my Mom was Ruby (Hulsey) Lidster. I was actually called by my given name in school, Mary. Judy was a nickname given me by my greatgrandmother, Maude Hulsey. The Steele girls in the pictures are my cousins. Their mother, Ruth Steele was my grandfather, Ed Hulsey's sister. My grandfather on my Dad's side, John Lidster (wife, Pearl), worked in the mines and was killed in an accident in 1957, the year we left Black Star. One of my father's brothers, JR, lived in San Diego, CA and my Dad decided to quit the mines and move out there with my mom, my brother John and I (I also had an uncle John Lidster who was the same age as my brother; someone at Black Star school once asked them what relation they were and they declared "We're uncles!")He lived in Pathfork for many years (sadly, he passed away in 2001 at age 55). My family lived in San Diego until around 1962 when the aircraft industry my Dad worked in had a slow down. We came back to stay with my Dad's mother, Pearl Lidster, in Pathfork for almost a year. I went to the Black Star school to finish the 8th grade and then went for a few months to Hall High in Harlan (this is where I got the pictures of Tommie Lynn Hubbard, June Roark and some of my other friends at that time - I was so sad to hear that Tommie Lynn had passed away last year). We then moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where my Mom's family (Ed and Mary Hulsey and family) had moved to and we have lived here since then. My Dad, Bud Lidster passed away in 1998 and my mother, Ruby (Hulsey) Lidster passed away in 2000. My brother and I still live in Michigan. I still have relatives from both sides of the family living in Kentucky close to Black Star. My aunt, Myra (Josh) Howard lives a few miles down the road from Pathfork. My cousin, Joni (Lidster) Russell, lives in Harlan. And many other cousins are still there also. I am so glad to have had the opportunity of seeing these people and places in your pictures. Thank you so much! My e-mail address is _Mkehyari@aol.com_


















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