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Bloody Harlan

Wanda Gold Photos

Black Star High School Graduating Class of 1943
1st Row: Irene Gamble, Jackie Higgins, Alene Kirkland, Mildred Rose, Alonzo Eastridge, Vivian Hurley, Ken West, Hazel Hensley
Back Row: Charlene Campbell, Clyde Carroll, Leroy Whitaker, Clyde Shelley, Lucy Huff, Porkey Shelley

Insull, Ky is 1/12 in Harlan County, 1/2 in Bell County, KY. Some students went to Black Star High School, the others went to Bell High. In Photo: Left to Right: Rosie Roark, Sylvia Jones (1st row), Alene Kirkland, Charlene Campbell, Ollie Smith, Beaulah Hall, J. D. Roark, Juanita Miracle. Verlen Jones, Unknown, Paul Davenport, Bernice Miracle, Beaulah Hall, J.T. Carmony. Back- Paul Lowe & Unknown

Black Star High School - Glee Club
Boys & Girls
Date: Unknown

Black Star Glee Club
Front Row: 3rd from Left is Mary Horton and last student on the right is Gladys Carroll.
2nd Row: 9th from the left is Elizabeth Young

Black Star High School Band - 1936 & 1937
Some members of the band are Paul roaden, Colleen Moore, Clyde Brassfield, Jewel Howard, Sam Hodge

Church congreation @ Insull, KY 1937 - 1938
Bon Jellico Miners - Bill Green, Unknown, Alex Nunnley (Bill's Father in Law)
Bon Jellico Tipple in the 1930's
Bon Jellico Miners 1916-1917 (2) are Luther Kirkland and Everett Richardson
Bon Jellico, KY Commisary (2) Miners in good clothes